Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Roundup

Valentine's Day is upon us yet again. I've never been a huge fan and it just happens to fall 6 days after my boyfriend's birthday and 7 days before our anniversary, so I'm just over the whole celebration thing before it even gets here. Plus, everywhere in New York City is disastrous and reservations have to be made years in advance. Also, places offer "Valentine's Day menus" which are limited and I'm not a fan. I'd rather just be given the norm please and thank you. Any who, once I'm out of college I'll be spending v-day at home, but for this final year of dorm life I have a couples massage booked, followed by dinner at Fishtag, so it should be good!

I love all of the Valentine's Day gift guides and roundups because the colors are so pretty! Blush pink has been one of my favorites for a few years now and I never fail to want more.

Kate Spade is forever classy and the Cedar Street Monday bag is so cute in rosy dawn and mint mojito.

The Dear Valentine Single And Taken Bangles are adorable too. I do find that their bangles tend to be a bit big if you have smaller to normal sized wrists, but they still look cute. 

I've heard and read amazing things about Nest candles. This passion scented one probably smells great. 

This card basically describes my struggles every day. Sorry Matt ;)

This sweater would be perfect for a cozy night in. I can't wait for those! No more restaurants.

Essie's "Eternal Optimist" is one of my new favorites for winter and spring. They never fail to pull through with the perfect shade I'm looking for. 


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