Thursday, February 5, 2015

Touche NYC Winter

This winter has been pretty horrible in NYC. When we see 30s we get excited because it's been in the 20s with "feels like" temperatures in the teens and single digits. And this is during the day. Also, it snows basically every 3 days.

My cousin had a pair of "Joan of the Arctic" Sorel boots and they looked so warm. The days of not wearing bulky coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc. are long gone for me. Now that I have to commute to my internship or walk to class (the whole 30 second walk is rough) I just want to be warm.

The Joan of the Arctic premium boot is looking preeeetty good right now and they're priced at only $195. If you think about how often you'll wear them (every day since it snows non-stop apparently), it's 100% worth it. Sorel is known for making awesome weatherproof boots, so I'm going to start investing very soon. I had a manager at Anthropologie that had the cutest heel booties and when I found out they were Sorel rain boots I almost fell over. This is one company that I keep going back to over and over when I'm looking for prospective rain/snow boots that I never bring myself to buy. Maybe this will be the year!

I've taken pride in my Nanook of the North getup (infinity scarf wrapped up to my eyes, big hat on, hood over hat.. just picture that one). I was on the train the other day struggling with my gloves because I can't turn the pages of my book with them on, but then when I transfer and have to wait on the platform my hands get cold. All of the on and off made me wish I had fingerless gloves with the mitten covering. It was meant to be because on my way from the train to my internship after walking for around 40 seconds I pass Nirvana Designs with a huge sale sign in the window. I went back on my lunch and bought these fleece lined hand warmers with a flap. They are life changing. Despite the fact that my hands look huge, they're so warm. 

Now I just have to bring myself to buy those snow boots. Maybe some day soon and then I can write all about how those were life changing just like my gloves!


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