Monday, February 16, 2015

Restaurant Review: Fishtag

Going out for Valentine's Day isn't high on my list of things I enjoy, but this year it turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a really long time. Pleasant surprise!

A couple weeks prior, I made dinner reservations at Fishtag on the Upper West Side. The Executive Chef and Owner also owns Kefi, which I loved so I figured why not give this restaurant a try?

It's right next door to Irving Farm on 79th (one of my favorite coffee shops.. the salad I get there is beyond amazing and you can check it out here). You go down a few steps to get into the restaurants and it's long and narrow inside. You can eat at the bar area, which is closer to where you enter, or sit at tables in the back. It has a really great intimate and comfortable atmosphere. You almost feel like you're dining at someone's house. It's casual, yet men can wear a nice button-down and chinos or ladies can wear a cute dress and not feel out of place or too dressy.

As I've mentioned before, Mediterranean is probably my favorite cuisine. If you view the Fishtag menu online, it looks exactly the same as the one you get in the restaurant. They give you drink pairing ideas on the sides and as you move from top to bottom the dishes get more savory and heartier.

To start off I got the Greek "Spoon" Salad without Feta and Olives. It was enough for two to split, had great flavor, and was super light. The grilled kale gives it an amazing smokey flavor.

Matt, my lovely date, got the chopped bulgur salad. I tried some and it was delicious. I really recommend it as an app, and two people can split this as well. Maybe even three if everyone just wanted to try it.

For a main dish Matt got the lobster bucatini because ever since we went to Newport, RI he has a thing for lobster. He ate the whole thing and loved every bite. The fact that it has brussel sprouts was an added bonus since they're one of his favorite veggies.

I was torn between the roasted salmon and the grilled sea bass, but went with the sea bass because (a) I love broccoli rabe and (b) the salmon comes on top of the Greek salad I already had. I was extremely happy with my choice. The fish was the perfect size and all of the vegetables were so good. It has a garlic puree which added a good hint of garlic, but not too much. I read that this was a popular dish and now I see why. It's very light and the flavor is great, so I really recommend it if you don't want a heavy meal.

I definitely deserve a pat on the back for restaurant choice. Their drink menu is very extensive, too, from wine to craft/unique beers. It's a great date spot, but it also works for somewhere to have dinner with friends or family. A huge group probably wouldn't fit to comfortable, but there was a really pretty booth seating area in the back that probably fit about 6. If you're looking for a great Mediterranean place that's not too casual and comfy, this is a good choice.


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