Friday, January 23, 2015

Taking a Leap of Faith

I've been on a Netflix kick (no shame) and I've heard so many good things about documentaries but could never really find a time when I was in the mood to get into one. I have a bunch added to "My List" so maybe I'll watch them all eventually (aka tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be gross).

One day I stumbled upon Mademoiselle C which is about Carine Roitfeld. Since my dream job was always to be the editor-in-chief of Vogue (that went out the window once I realized it wasn't at all like the Devil Wears Prada & 13 Going on 30) I felt like I would love this. I definitely did. It was the perfect length (an hour and a half) and goes through Carine's life from being Vogue Paris' editor-in-chief to starting her own magazine, CR Fashion Book. You would think that someone that had such a prestigious position would just stay there forever because it's a safe move and offers continuous success, but clearly Carine felt extremely confident in herself to leave and start her own magazine (and took a leap of faith.. hence the title). Additionally, she felt that there was something missing from the magazine world and that CR Fashion Book would fill that gap to satisfy that target audience's desires (my marketing major nerd is really showing right now.. this all fascinates me).

There were struggles along the way, especially in regards to money because although she has quite a bit, there aren't endless supplies when it comes to investing in such a huge project. Her employees' mentioned that it was so hard to tell her "I'm sorry but we don't have the money for that." In addition to the creation of the magazine, the documentary shows her personal side and includes the birth of her new granddaughter.

Countless celebrities were featured in this documentary including Karl Lagerfeld (a given in any fashion documentary), Anna Wintour (another must for a fashion movie, book, documentary, etc.), James Franco, Beyonce, Kate Upton, Kanye, Kirsten Dunst, and the list goes on and on. One person who I become fascinated with is Juliet Ingelby.

This shoot was featured in the documentary. Funny story.. the baby peed on the little girl and that's why she's hysterical. Now I know you're really dying to watch it ;)
I'd love to start my own lifestyle magazine down the road, but I have so may ideas and interests that the magazine would be so all over the place. Until I nail down what I would want to feature, I'll stick to blogging! Digital magazines are always an option too, but I'm one of those people that just love print magazines. I will admit that I read magazines on my iPad religiously every month (Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, Marie Claire, Better Homes and Gardens, Elle Decor, Allure, Eating Well... see what I mean about my eclectic taste?), but that's because it's so easy to favorite pages and keep everything in one area without having stacks of magazines everywhere. Constant struggles.

To finish this off, here's the description of CR Fashion Book straight from their website. It's published twice a year and it's definitely worth a look through.
a celebration of fashion and creativity, irreverent in spirit and timeless in style
a platform for groundbreaking styling, photography, and features from the most celebrated creators in fashion and art,
as well as a new guard of rising talent
a place to discover intriguing people and inspiring imagery, constructed around each issue’s specific theme
an innovative format that combines the collectible aspect of a book with the energy of a carefully curated fashion magazine

Step up your documentary game this weekend like I plan on doing & if you're into fashion or publishing, definitely check this one out! I heard the Sriracha movie is good, too, so that's something to look into. It won Best Short Film at the NYC Food Film Festival & Carly over at the College Prepster recommended it. Happy Friday!



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