Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moving Made Easy (College Edition)

We've all seen those "life hacks" posts that are sometimes mind-blowing and other times just seem like a completely irrelevant waste of time. Pinterest is just exploding with them.

I moved back into school yesterday for the last time and I couldn't be more excited to never have to do such a huge move into a dorm again. Although school has been great, I'm so sick of living in two different places. Every time I go home (which is quite frequently) I have to think about what jeans are there, if I have enough sweaters, etc. I finally got to the point where having 2 of most things is necessary (i.e. hair dryer, hair mousse, face wash, etc.). 

Although moving in is beyond a pain, I had a brilliant idea my freshman year of college & it has made moving in 934938 times easier. Ready for this one? I don't pack my clothes. I used to spend hours folding things into suitcases, lugging bags of hangers on top of the suitcases, and then unpacking and hanging everything for hours when I got to my room. Now I just take the clothes right out of my closet, take a rubberband and group a bunch of things together and lug it all up. It easily saves me 2 hours of packing and unpacking and it was life changing.

Now that that revolutionary idea is on the table, try it! Obviously if you're travelling by plane, train, or bus this won't work for you, but if you can pack up a car it's the best thing ever. I started a new book yesterday and I'm already hooked, so more on that soon. Happy Tuesday!



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