Wednesday, January 21, 2015

German Travels

While in Germany we had a blog that we would all update with whatever our hearts desired and I've written a bit about the trip there, but I'm going to elaborate more. So now that I finished that sentence and you're all confused, let me backtrack. I took a marketing field study course of the winter break and it required going to Frankfurt, Germany with my class, and economics class, and an MBA class to visit companies. It was an amazing experience. Would I ever go back to Frankfurt for please? No. But that's why I'm so glad I went and got the amazing opportunity to go for business purposes. Our company visits were Deutsche Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, JWT (my personal favorite since I'm a marketing major and I'm actually fascinated by consumer behavior), Porsche and Mercedes' museums, and then a speaker who came to our hotel's breakfast room to chat with us, Volker, Wirsdorf, who is a Senior Commercial Specialist for the American Consulate.
View from the Deutsche Bank lobby
Germany loves Christmas & they still had their tree up in the Romer!
The Mein Tower: the only building you can go to the top of
The Mercedes Museum was an awesome looking building
As I said, the experience was amazing, but I don't want to be one of those people that travels and has nothing bad to say because I'm in travel lala land. Germany was a bit disappointing for a history love like myself. I wish I could have gotten to Auschwitz but there just wasn't enough time. So much of Germany was completely destroyed in WWII so there wasn't much history left to see. It was also disappointing to a shopping addict like myself. Germany exports 80% of what they make, so it's hard to find anything German-made to bring back. If you're travelling to Germany and want to bring back souvenirs, take your pick: chocolate, Riesling, a Starbucks mug that says Germany, or some Haribo gummy bears. They say the gummy bears taste better from Germany, so we'll have to ask my brother to comment on that when he eats the ones I got him.

Heidelberg was gorgeous and it was what we were all waiting for. It's one of the few places that wasn't destroyed, so everything is actually old and isn't just remade to look old. I really appreciate trying to recreate what was already there, but when you're in an area that looks ancient and then you find out that everything was built in 1960 or later, you start to feel like you're in Epcot. 
Heidelberg Castle
Rainy cobblestone streets in Heidelberg
Shopping in Heidelberg was fabulous
Love this candid that my friend took
I'll comment separately on food and such later, but to wrap up this general post I'd like to share something from JWT. KitKat is one of their clients and they took the advent calendar idea and made a bar with 24 pieces for "24 breaks before Christmas." I thought it was absolutely brilliant, but again, that's the marketing nerd in me. Check it out here and see for yourself! 

I know you're all wondering.. "how was the food?" More on that soon!


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