Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Well Planned Day Goes Awry

As we all know, I'm a planner and a creature of habit..

On Sunday I trekked down to Union Square to take a flow class at Yoga Vida, one of my favorite studios in NYC. I planned to take the 12 pm class and then head to Souen for a macro plate with carrot dressing. I was craving this for so long and it's one of my favorite meals ever. My plan was yoga, Souen, the Strand (I spend hours and hours there on end.. I love it), Whole Foods, and then dinner at my cousin's.

My whole day was thrown for a loop at multiple points..

First, I got to Souen and it was closed! I almost dropped dead. I called another location and they said that the USQ location was going to open for dinner. Usually they open at 11 am on Sundays, so I'm not sure what the issue was there, but whatever. I got over it.

Now I'm irritated because I'm hungry and was craving that plate. I hop on Yelp and see that there's a Peacefood Cafe around the corner! I've been to the one on the UWS, but not this one.
c/o Peacefood's website
It was packed, but I got a table right away. The soup special was a spicy chickpea, kale, and porcini mushroom. Usually I hate soup. This one had all of my fav things & it seemed like something I could eat, but still drain the broth. I like soup that has substance. I'm not into drinking my food (I won't do juices or smoothies.. not my thing). This one was so yummy! I got a side of brown rice to add in so it had more to it, but I didn't even need it.

I ordered the choice of two veggies and a soup, so I got roasted Japanese pumpkin and brussel sprouts. I love that you have eight veggie choices when you order the small (2 veggies) or large plates (4 veggies). They were roasted to perfection & I ended up taking half of them home because the soup and rice filled me.

They have an extensive menu and even non-vegans will love it with the paninis, soups, pizzas, etc.

I then spent an hour in the Strand and found out that what I thought was going to be a flurry was actually a blizzard warning. Luckily they were so wrong, but I ran to the Westside Market, Trader Joe's, and Walgreens to stock up on food and toiletries. That was the second thing that threw off my day. Out of my original yoga, Souen, Strand, Whole Foods plan I made it to two of those places.

My day ended up being a good one & dinner at my cousin's was delish! She made a kale salad that I'll post the recipe for soon because it was so good & easy. 

Maybe I'll take this as a lesson that you don't have to plan everything. I know I'm not going to ease up with my OCD planning, but this proved that things can go wrong & your day is still fine. I'll stick to my "always be prepared" mantra (I'm basically a Boy Scout with that one) because you're better off planning and being ready for anything since anything can be thrown your way, but if things don't go 100% according to plan it's not always a bad thing. 


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