Monday, March 24, 2014

Charleston: Where to Stay

Last week was spring break for me and I spent part of it at home and part in Charleston, SC. A friend from high school goes to the College of Charleston and posted pictures on Instagram last year; I immediately fell in love with Charleston from the pictures and decided I had to go. Brilliant me decided that since I'm so lucky and turn 21 the week after spring break, I should do an early birthday present trip with my mom.

Since there's so much to post about food and everything I'm going to break my trip up into more than one post. We flew in early on Monday and then left Thursday morning. It was the perfect amount of time because there wasn't as much to see historically as we thought. There are a bunch of house tours and a few museum-type places, but nothing that will take days to get through. There are also plantation tours you can take, but you need to provide your own transportation (aka rent a car) or take a cab that we were told costs about $40 each way. Since we did plantation tours in Louisiana we skipped out on these, but next time I'm down there I must go to Boone Hall Plantation where part of The Notebook was filmed and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married there.

My dad took care of the flight stuff and accommodations, so he found The Elliott House Inn and got us a room there. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better place to stay. Upon checking in we met the concierge/front desk employee, Neil, who was extremely helpful and fun to talk to. My mom and I needed opinions on things to do, places to eat, etc. and he gave us his honest opinion and input on everything. Matthew was another employee that was there later in the afternoon to early evening and he was just as great with everything as Neil. I couldn't find my camera and was afraid I left it on a bus, so I called the hotel and Matthew checked my room to make sure I left it there and it wasn't on some random tour bus in Charleston. All of the following pictures are the "lobby" portion of the Elliott House. I loved the decor and couldn't get over how quaint this place was. Well, really all of Charleston is just so quaint and that's why I fell in love.

I'm not sure if each room is different, but I'm assuming they are because the Elliott House Inn has been around since the 1860s and was a private residence until 1981. It was closed from 2009 to 2011 for renovations and you can tell because the bathrooms are new, which is not something you'd expect in such an old place. The decor of the bedroom really made you feel at home and like you were at a bed and breakfast and not staying in a hotel. 

The sign outside the hotel said "Bed Breakfast Spirits," so I don't think referring to it as a hotel is correct, but I'm not quite sure what to call it.

The lobby portion was separate and then you walked back to the courtyard and all of the rooms have a door that opens out to the courtyard.

Another awesome thing about this place? The complimentary breakfast. Wait.. it gets even better. You are given a card that you put on your door each night and you check off which of the three breakfast options you want, if you want coffee/tea/orange juice, what half-hour time frame you want it delivered in, and if you want it brought to the courtyard or the room. When I saw complimentary continental breakfast under amenities I figured they had the usual buffet-style setup in the lobby or by the courtyard, not that it was delivered to me. They call about 5 minutes before they deliver your breakfast so it's a perfect wakeup call, too! No need to set alarms on this vacation!

I like to stay at different places when I return to a city, especially when there are a million quirky boutique hotels to stay at, but I don't think I can go back to Charleston and stay somewhere else. My experience at The Elliott House Inn was too perfect and I've never been more satisfied. There were zero issues with cleanliness, checking in, checking out, rooms not being ready, etc. I 100% recommend staying here to anyone visiting. It's in a great location, too. Nothing is a far walk at all (20 mins max to the furthest point you'd probably want to go) and you're right in between the major shopping street and another main street.

Stay tuned for where to eat! 


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