Monday, February 10, 2014

Restaurant Review: David Burke Kitchen

This past Saturday my wonderful boyfriend turned 22. We celebrated with dinner at David Burke Kitchen in Soho, a comedy show at Subculture (definitely a place to check out.. they have all different kinds of performers from comedians to folk singers depending on the night) in Noho, and a night at the beautiful W Hotel Downtown in the Financial District. Who could complain with a view of the Freedom Tower?

I can't get over how absolutely amazing David Burke Kitchen was. I had bookmarked it on Yelp who knows how long ago and was looking through my bookmarks while trying to pick somewhere to make reservations and chose to go there. Awesome choice. The waiter was fab and was incredibly knowledgable about everything. There's an entree for two that's called "Bronx Beef" and our server was telling us how David Burke owns the right to this cut of meat and was describing it in detail and what makes it different from other cuts. Pretty cool, huh?

We started with the tableside kale salad (it's made right at the table if you're wondering because I couldn't figure that out from the name). So delicious. It's so simple, but the dressing is amazing and the portion sizes are perfect. It's kale with apples, farro, pickled cashews, and currants over a tahini yogurt and topped with cheese.
Preparing it right at the table, hence tableside
The finished product
I got the grilled salmon over quinoa, roasted carrots, and an orange mustard glaze. I hate mustard so I was very nervous to get this, but since I love salmon I couldn't pass it up. The carrots were cooked perfectly so they still had a crunch to them, the quinoa had shredded carrots, scallions, and maybe corn(?) in it and it was very tasty, the glaze (that's what's spread on the plate) was so good. I couldn't even taste a "mustardy taste, and the salmon, oh my.. amazing. I'm so glad I ordered this.

The birthday boy got the short rib, which is served over cavatelli with foraged mushrooms and truffled mousse. I'm not going to tell you that "he said it was so good" because that wouldn't do it justice. Matt's exact words were "if I had to choose a last meal.. this would be it." So there you have it folks. The short rib was beyond good.

For dessert we ordered the hazelnut crunch bar. It isn't listed on the online menu, nor is it listed on the dessert menu at the restaurant. It was actually drawn under the drinks and they described it with little arrows pointing to each part of it. If my memory doesn't fail me I believe it had a coconut cake on the bottom with a chocolate hazelnut mousse on top of that (it had actual hazelnut pieces in it), was covered with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut, and was placed on some blueberry something or other. Some gelato came on the side, too. Matt was in heaven.

Safe to say we'll be returning to David Burke. There's a location in Aspen so maybe I have to take up skiing! Burke also owns a restaurant uptown, David Burke Townhouse, that I also want to go to, but it's much fancier (actually, he has a bunch of restaurants that you can check out on here). The ambiance of David Burke Kitchen was perfect for a dinner with friends (or a friend). I'd say the way to describe the attire was business casual. They dim the lighting at night so it makes it feel more intimate and cozy, but during the day it would probably appear very bright and more casual. It is quite noisy, but that's expected in such a big restaurant with so many people.

The restaurant is definitely up there price-wise, but it's so worth it. 5/5 stars for David Burke Kitchen!

And again, happy birthday to the most amazing best friend and boyfriend I could ask for. Keep checking back to see where we celebrate Valentine's Day and our 4 year anniversary on February 21st!


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