Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hollywood Legend: Shirley Temple Black

It's been three days and I still can't believe that Shirley Temple passed away. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard it on the news Monday afternoon. Even those that have never seen anything she starred in know the name because of one of the most famous non-alcoholic drinks that is named after her. How did that drink get its name anyway? TIME did an article about it, so I figured I'd share with all of you in honor of the gorgeous star's life.

While at a restaurant with her parents, legend has it that Ms. Temple was very upset that she couldn't partake in the fun of sipping old-fashioneds, which often include a cherry (probably the reason that it seemed so attractive to the young starlet). The waiter whipped up a non-alcoholic "old-fashioned" for Shirley Temple and the drink was born! Of course the exact ingredients are disputed, as is where this drink was first created. As for ingredients, grenadine and a cherry are a must, but the soda used can be ginger ale, lemon-lime, a mix of both, or sometimes orange juice is substituted. Possible restaurants where this drink originated are Chasen's or the Brown Derby in Hollywood or the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

In the late 80s (1988 to be exact) there was an attempt to make bottled versions of this soda with the name "Shirley Temple." Ms. Temple filed civil lawsuits to stop this because she claimed that her name wasn't a "generic term," therefore making the use of her name on a product an invasion of her privacy. "All a celebrity has is their name," is what Shirley Temple told the New York Times, and she was correct in saying this. She wanted to make sure no one has ever made money off of her signature drink by using her name.


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