Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea for Two and Two for Tea: Kathleen's Tea Room

About a week and a half ago I decided to spend the day with my aunt who lives in Putnam Valley. I love the Hudson River Valley area and all of the adorable towns. This particular Friday we got lucky with gorgeous weather and started off shopping around Cold Spring, then went to a tiny art gallery in Garrison, and then ended the afternoon in Peekskill. We dined at Kathleen's Tea Room and it was too adorable for words.

It's hard to find cute tea rooms (or tea houses) that you can just get a normal lunch in. So many of them only serve high tea or little tea sandwich platters. Kathleen's has a great menu that has salads, tea sandwiches, soups, entrees that are seasonal, and a few other things.

I opted for the roasted root vegetables plate, which included carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, leeks, sweet potatoes, turnips, and garlic tossed with olive oil and fresh herbs and then are roasted "to perfection" (and they definitely were). It was topped with goat cheese and served with eight grain bread and crackers. The dish was so filling and satisfying.
Roasted Root Veggies
My aunt got the spinach salad and it was huge. This place does not skimp out when it comes to portion sizes. Their tea menu goes on for days, too, including 52 types. I got the creme Irish breakfast tea and I'm so glad I did. Usually I don't go for anything other than plain black tea or green tea (to me, teas smell great and then you taste them and are highly disappointed because the smell is divine and it tastes funky), so this was a big step for me even though it's basically just a black tea.
Creme Irish Breakfast Tea

Fun Fact: Breakfast tea strengths go from Irish Breakfast (weakest), English Breakfast (medium), to Scottish Breakfast (Strongest)

The decor was so cute. There were all mismatched teapots and teacups all over with random "flea market find-esque" things placed here and there. Even the tables and chairs were mismatched, but not so much that it looked too busy or thrown together.

For a girls lunch this is an obvious choice, but honestly, any guy would love coming here, too. I was also informed that Lucia's salad with smoked salmon on it is delish. I'm such a sucker for places like this and Alice's Tea Cup, but I really think that this is something everyone should enjoy once in a while instead of just a regular lunch/brunch/dinner/dessert at a regular old restaurant.



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