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Guide to Traveling Fashionably This Holiday Season

This time of the year is known for being the busiest for traveling. The day before Thanksgiving, as studies have shown, is actually not the biggest travel day like most think. The traffic on Thanksgiving is far worse (which makes sense if you think about it). However, at the airport both the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day are crazy. I'm lucky enough to not have to fly anywhere for the holidays (most college students don't have that luxury and so many don't even get to go home for the holiday, which is awful), but I fly enough to know that there are certain dos and don'ts, necessities and things to leave at home.

Fashion Dos
Leggings/Comfy Jeans/Undercover Sweatpants
Leggings are always a great idea. Real leggings though, not the thin little see-through things that shouldn't be worn without a long enough (a concept so many don't understand) shirt. Jeans aren't a bad option if they're comfortable. I happen to love my. They're so soft and fit so well, but denim that fits well is so specific to the person, so it's whatever works for you! There is such a thing as undercover sweatpants, too. They're sweatpants that look like real pants and are a great option for travel.
Reed Polka-Dot Cotton Blend Sweatpants, Skinny Pants in BlackKate Low-rise Skinny Jeans, Jacquard Sweater Pants, Fleece Lined Leggings, Super Skinny Legging, Silky Soft Pant

Soft Tee and Sweater/Cardigan
A simple, soft cotton tee or silk top with a comfy sweater or a cardigan is the way to go. Cardigans with leggings and jeans make you look so put together, but are so comfortable that you can sleep in them.
Acne "Wham" Sweater DressAster Printed Silk Top, Ultra Soft Cowl Neck Sweater, Equinox Cardigan, Cashmere Turtleneck, Darcian Cardigan, Sparkle and Fade Chevron Shine Tunic Sweater

Flats/Boots and Socks
Flats or boots are great because you can just slip them off when going through security. However, don't forget socks! No one wants to walk through airport security barefoot. Plus, if you bring socks you can go shoeless on the plane and your feet won't get cold! I love bringing an extra pair of fuzzy socks with me, even if I'm already wearing a pair of normal socks.
AE Fair Isle Socks, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Suede Rumple Boot, Caroline Ballet Flats, Ruffled Camp Socks, Snowflake Plaid Cashmere Socks, Sergeant Boot

A big scarf is always a good idea. It can have multiple functions: an actual scarf, a pillow, a blanket or extra warmth. You can never go wrong with one, plus it's one less thing that you'll have to worry about packing if you just wear it!
Media Mix Scarf, Fairisle Snood, Tassled Boteh Scarf, Blanket Stripe Oversize Scarf, Pony Hair Print Infinity Scarf, New York Map Scarf

Big Bag
A weekender, big tote, or a big shoulder bag are great to put all of your travel necessities in. You'll want one that zips though! When you throw it under your seat and then start kicking it because you forgot it was there you don't want all of your stuff falling out and rolling all over the plane.
Drake ToteDiedre Leather Tote, Lonchamp Le Pliage, Capri Weekender, Jaida Satchel

Fashion Don'ts
Keep the jewelry to a minimum because you're going to have to take it all off to get through security and then everyone behind you hates you, the TSA people hate you, and you'll just be annoyed with yourself.

Tight Clothing
Tight clothing is never fun to sit in for hours. When things start digging into your skin and leaving marks there's not much room on a plane to get up and move around, so just keep tight clothing to a minimum.

Sweatpants/Pajama Pants
This is personal preference I guess, but in all honesty wearing sweatpants just makes you feel like you look sloppy. Because you do. When you look put together you'll feel better about yourself. It's known that it's a psychological thing: the way you look can help improve your confidence level. Sweatpants and pj pants do not improve confidence levels. I promise.

What to Put in the Bag
Oil Blotting Paper
Sometimes traveling and sleeping can make your skin oily, or even just feel oily. Having oil blotting paper, like Shiseido's Pureness Oil- Control Blotting Paper, is great just in case you need it. I don't have oily skin and I carry them around. Also, if you're in a bind, Starbucks napkins can help absorb oil because of whatever recycled stuff they're made from.

Facial Mist
A spritz of this when you get off the plane can help make you feel refreshed. However, make sure it's in a clear plastic bag and meets the ounce requirements or you'll end up with a big waste of expensive water. Evian makes a good one that's TSA approved!

No one wants to get sick, especially around the holidays. This is the time when the flu and colds are going around, too, so just to be safe Emergen-C and Airborne are great little travel must-haves. Take these before flying and you'll be good to go. More natural ways of getting vitamin C are great, but these little boosts are well worth it during the holidays.

I always have bandaids on me. I get paper cuts constantly, my shoes end up not being as comfortable as I think they are and give me blisters, my skin cracks from the cold air, etc. You can never go wrong with carrying a few different sizes (and maybe even pretty ones like these reindeer and polka dot ones or pink stripes and floral ones!).

You can usually catch some cool shots out your window, plus it's always good to have a camera handy because you never know what you'll see (or who. Johnny Depp at the airport? It could happen!). I love my Nikon Coolpix aw110. It's waterproof, shockproof (yup, I can drop it!), and lightweight.

Lip Balm
Everyone hates the feeling of chapped lips, so carrying some sort of lip balm with you is always a good idea. Rosebud Salve is usually the popular choice and I love it, too. It's great for dry cuticles, too!

Hair Ties
If your hair isn't already up, hair ties are a great thing to have handy. Who knows what your hair might look like after sleeping in a tiny airplane seat. Better to be safe than sorry. Seamless hair ties are less likely to leave a crease in your hair and they come in so many different colors/prints and so many stores sell them now! You can probably even pick them up in the airport if you're at a big one.

Eye Mask
I love my eye mask. If it's light out I'm one of those people who can't sleep, so I wear one to bed to block any light. They're great for travel, too. They fit right in your bag and take up virtually no space, and when you're ready to catch some shut eye you just slip it on. Some airlines even give you one if you're on a long enough flight.

Roll-On Perfume/Solid Perfume
These little perfumes from Tocca smell amazing (yes, each and every one of them) and they're tiny enough, making them perfect for on the go! Just slip one in your clear plastic baggy and then spritz it on before getting off the plane and you'll feel refreshed! Solid perfume, like the ones from Pacifica, are great for traveling, too, so you don't have to worry about liquid requirements.

I usually buy tons of magazines and bring a book with me and overestimate my power to get through it all. It's better to have enough to entertain yourself with instead of not enough though!

You're all set to jet set now! Enjoy the traveling as much as possible. The fact that it's the holidays makes it that much better because it's the best time of the year!


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