Monday, November 18, 2013

Falling for Kate Spade's Holiday 2013 New Arrivals

I saw the Kate Spade holiday 2013 video this weekend and I'm in love with it! It's so fabulous, chic, classy, and New York City holiday-esque. It just makes me want to live on the Upper East Side in a brownstone and throw a chic, classy holiday party even more than I already did before I saw it (hard to believe I could want this more than I already did, thank you very much Kate Spade).

Don't you just feel so much classier after watching this? It's perfect. Any who, the model is gorgeous and there is so much inspiration for holiday outfits! Here are some of my favs (don't judge me if I end up posting them all...).

They have such adorable stuff on their gift guide. I'm obsessing. 
How could you go wrong with a clutch that says "Pop, Fizz, Clink!"? The All That Glitters Emanuel is just what I would love to accessorize with this holiday season.
I love bows so this Finishing Touch Pave Bangle is perfect. It's classy and simple, but will still make a statement and will definitely get noticed.
The Clink Clink Short Necklace is one of the best statement pieces I've seen in a while. Pair this with a basic dress and it'll look amazing.
These Copely heels are fabulous with Swarovski crystal embellishments. I would throw a party just to have somewhere to wear these gorgeous things. 
The Grand Bow Heels (again, love bows) are simple, but standout. These can go with so many different dresses and compliment them all so well.
A good pair of leather gloves are necessary in New York City in the winter. It can get so cold out and you need to protect your hands from the harmful, dry, cold air. These Pyramid Bow Leather Gloves will be great for heading into the office, heading to your internship, or going to a holiday party! They go with so many different styles of jackets, too.

Simple, gorgeous rose gold Marmalade Studs studs are the perfect complement to something like the gorgeous statement necklace above. They're noticeable and are a perfect finishing touch!

Check out Kate Spade for all of the new arrivals! I bet you'll be just as in love as I am. 'Tis the season to celebrate!


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