Friday, November 22, 2013

Exciting Engagements

Two of my favorite people have gotten engaged recently and I'm super excited for them and to see what their weddings look like!

Lauren Conrad and William Tell, boyfriend of about a year and a half, got engaged in the beginning of October. I have a lot of respect for Lauren Conrad and what she made of herself; she's such an inspiration to young women and is such a great role model. I have a lot of respect for her relationship, too, because the couple is so private about things and isn't showy. A lot of people that don't religiously read Lauren's blog (I'm guilty of being an avid follower) don't even know about her boyfriend.
It seems that details about the wedding are going to be kept on the DL. I would guess that she'll probably do some posts on her blog about different decorating ideas and planning tips, but nothing too personal because then that takes away from the special day. I'm all for celebrities keeping things low-key and avoiding the media as much as possible, especially when it comes to huge milestones, such as weddings and new babies.
I love the simplicity of this beautiful ring. It's timeless.
These two are such an adorable couple.

Nothing has been confirmed, but all are pretty confident that Leighton Meester is engaged to boyfriend of almost a year, Adam Brody. The two haven't been in the public eye very much, but sources that have been quotes as "close friends" say that Leighton is head over heels for Adam and that she did have plans to marry him. Now who knows how true all of this is, but I hope they really are engaged! They're so cute together. Leighton will always be Blair Waldorf to me, and to celebrate her engagement I've decided that it's absolutely necessary to spend this Sunday, which is predicted to be freezing in NYC (maybe even some flurries!), watching Gossip Girl (as if you need an excuse to ever watch Gossip Girl reruns..)

A big congrats to the (hopefully) two new engaged couples! Weddings make me so happy and I can't wait to see the pictures from both of these.


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