Monday, November 11, 2013

Dreaming About Holiday Scents

My pumpkin cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works is getting down to the bottom (sniffle sniffle), which means it's time to pick a new candle! I figured since Christmas is right around the corner I would pick a bunch of my favorite scents and then narrow it down from there. My go-to places for candles are Anthropologie, Bath & Body Works, and Yankee Candle. There's nothing better than the warm feeling you get from certain scents and the Christmas season joy that others bring. I love burning candles while I'm just sitting around reading, taking a relaxing bath, watching TV, vacuuming, painting my nails (I guess you get it.. I always have a candle lit). Some scents can make you nostalgic and some can just simply make you happy the first time you smell them. Like my nail polish problem, I also have a problem with buying candles. Here are some of my favorites for the holidays this year!

Boulangerie Jar - Gingersnap from Anthropologie $16.00
Gingersnap is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, molasses, lemon zest, orange ring, and nutmeg. This candle has a sweeter smell, but it's not too sweet for those of you who can't stomach sweet candles (scents like frosted cupcake make me nauseous, so I understand).

Boulangerie Jar - Peppermint Stick from Anthropologie $16.00
Peppermint stick is a blend of pink peppercorn, gardenia, tonka bean, and cinnamon. I was expecting to smell this one and be overcome with peppermint, but it's actually a very subtle scent. 

Tin Type Candles - Roasted Chestnuts from Anthropologie $16.00
This roasted chestnuts candle is possibly one of the most amazing candles I've ever smelled. I think this is my first choice this season (but I'm not positive yet). It's a blend of gourmand sweetness, warm spice, cashmere undertones and autumns leaves; "reminiscent of woolen scarves and the seasons first chill." I think that just sold me on it.

Tin Type Candles - Hot Buttered Rum
If you're a sweet-scent person then this is for you. I think if you light it you'll just want to sit and eat a tub of vanilla icing. It's a warming blend of whipped eggnog, churned butter, caramel glaze, steamed milk, and vanilla bean.

Good Nature Tin - Cranberry Spice from Anthropologie $16.00
This is runner up for my favorite candle. It might be my first choice. Hmmm.. Any who, it's a blend of red currant, cranberry, Asian pear, cinnamon bark, clove bud, and sweet vanilla. I love the way this smells. 

Yankee Candle Large Jar - Balsam & Cedar $27.99
This is the go-to candle if you want your house to smell like a Christmas tree. A classic from Yankee Candles.

Yankee Candle Large Jar - Red Apple Wreath $27.99
Yet another classic from Yankee Candle, red apple wreath has the sweet scent of apples, maple, walnuts, and cinnamon. I'm such a sucker for apple & cinnamon scented things. I love them when they're sweeter smelling, like apples, and I also love when they have more of the spicy cinnamon scent.

I haven't made it to Bath & Body Works to smell their candles yet, but I plan on stopping in soon! I keep getting emails about sales, but I can't just order candles without smelling them. 

'Tis the holiday season. 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and only 6 weeks until Christmas (yeah, start panicking) so start stocking up and burning your holiday candles now! They're great hostess gifts, too, even though everyone always has a million candles. In my eyes you can never have too many candles though.


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