Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hocus Pocus Fun Facts

I think my all time favorite Halloween movies is Hocus Pocus. It's a classic and every year my brother would make my mom rent it and we'd watch it fifteen times. Not even kidding.

Here's some fun trivia about the movie originally posted on hypable and buzzfeed.
1. Hocus Pocus was released on July 16, 1993 and only made around $40 million at the box office that month on a $28 million dollar budget.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally supposed to portray Max Dennison, but he turned down the opportunity to star in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Smart choice or no?

3. In the trailer there are scenes that are never actually in any version of the movie.

4. Kenny Ortega always directs and choreographs, but this is the only movie that he doesn't; Ortega just directs Hocus Pocus.

5. The last of the Salem witch trials was held in May of 1963, yet the Sanderson sisters were supposed to be hanged on Halloween of 1963.

6. Thackery Binx, the car, was portrayed in human form by Sean Murray; Murray, however, did not do the voice of the cat.

7. Halloween 1993 was on a Sunday, yet they show Max attending school on that date. Guess you don't want to go to school in Salem, MA..

8. When Dani is crying after the death of Binx the cat, if you look you can see he's lying on his sister Emily's grave.

9. When the Sanderson sisters are running a muck in Salem and show up at the house where the husband is dressed as Satan, the actor and actress that play that couple are brother and sister in real life.

10. Hocus Pocus was originally supposed to be a Disney Channel Original Movie.

11. Sarah Jessica Parker sang "Come Little Children" live for the movie. When she's flying over Salem singing this she's actually flying over the coast of Marblehead.

12. If you talk to Bette Midler (I wish) she will tell you that playing Winifred Sanderson is her favorite role she has played.

13. In the beginning of the movie Max gives Allison his number, but if you look in the next scene when she looks at the note it's not the same one he gave her.

14. Dani says "Besides, it's a full moon outside. The weirdos are out." There hasn't been a full moon on Halloween since 1974.

15. The spell to the left of the Life Potion is the same one that appears next to the spell of Excruciating Punishments.

16. When getting on the bus Winnie asks "Tell me, friend, what is this contraption?" and the driver responds with "I call it.. a bus." When she's flying along side Allison and Max while they're driving she asks to see his permit. How would she know about a permit but not know what a bus is?

Hopefully you'll catch Hocus Pocus at least once this season! 


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