Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Party Ideas Roundup

With Halloween only a few weeks away it's the perfect time to start planning your party if you haven't already! Even if you have you can always use some more inspiration! I've been pinning party ideas for all different themes since I got a Pinterest account, so here are some of my favs! You can see all of my Pinterest boards here (I'm an avid pinner so consider yourself warned).

These blocks used to be available to order on Etsy, but aren't anymore. However, I think this is a pretty simple DIY if you use some mod lodge and scrapbooking paper on wood blocks or canvases of different sizes. You could really get creative with it!

If you don't want to make your own invites you can order them from Etsy. I love these!

Perfect for a scary movie night. For more Halloween movie night ideas click here.

You can download free printables like these right here.

 You can't go wrong with a buffet setup! Check out more pictures and ideas from the party that these are from.

For a creepier, eerie party DIY Network has you covered!

This was a Halloween wedding table setting, but it could definitely be used at a more formal Halloween party, too. Or you could just use the idea of having a bunch of candles and lanterns everywhere and do your own thing. It looks fabulous and creepy.

Get the recipe for this "I Scream" Graveyard Pie from Martha Stewart

This setup is perfect for a more adult Halloween party. 

Placing a plastic bowl inside a pumpkin is an easy way to keep ice from making the pumpkin all funky if you use the pumpkin as a cooler!

Chai pumpkin spice thumbprint cookies will surprise everyone with the delicious flavor and they'll look great on your table, too! Get the recipe here.

These witch hats are actually surprisingly simple to make!

Pumpkin pie pops are the perfect thing for guests to eat while mingling or sitting and watching a creepy movie. 

Find the recipe for these candy corn striped madeleines here!

If you have a piping bag with a few different basic tips you can definitely replicate this cake.


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