Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall in NYC: Things to Do

I started off in September saying how it wasn't quite fall yet, but the weather was so fall-ish. Well here I am starting off October saying how not fall-ish the weather is. Definitely not a happy camper over here! Regardless, I'm trying to make the best of it and still wear my fall staples, just not with as many layers as I'd like to be wearing.

Photo from SideTour's website
On Twitter I came across a WSJ article about a new tour in NYC that's perfect for people who love romantic comedies. Jennifer Armstrong and Erin Carlson are the two women who give the tour. According to the info given on the SideTour's site (a tour site that allows your to find different, fun tours in your area, which happens to NYC in my case) Jennifer grew up loving chick flicks, like those that Nora Ephron directed, (some of my personal favs are chick flicks) and Erin is more of a John Cusack type (both are entertainment writers). Armstrong has a book out called Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, which is all about the behind-the-scenes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Armstrong's book is the reason she was approached by SideTour; the company wanted her to give a tour based on it, but after a little thought Armstrong decided that it would be more interesting and fun to do a general Upper West Side Romantic Comedy Tour.

The tour was a hit with the group that attended the first one given in early September. The five women along with Armstrong and Carlson stopped at seven locations between 69th Street and 83rd. At each stop the group was enlightened on the background information of the movie that was shot there and got some behind-the-scenes info, too. The women seemed to bond as they continued their journey and a lot of interesting conversations arose. The last stop of the tour was at Prohibition, a bar located at 503 Columbus Ave, where a screening of You've Got Mail was given, which included commentary from Carlson and Armstrong as well as casual conversation and thoughts on the movie.

This tour is expected to be given a couple of times again during the month of October. Check out the site here for more information. Happy Friday!

Movies you can expect to hear about on the tour:


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