Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas Soiree Planning Begins... Now!

So I'm way too excited about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode tonight to even function. I've been waiting for this since the midseason finale, which feels like ages ago. Unfortunately I had work today because I couldn't watch the entire marathon ABC Family aired (but I love my job, so it makes up for it). I hope this episode lives up to my high expectations!

So my mom shot me an email yesterday asking me to start making up a Christmas list (lucky for her I started that in August!) and that made me super excited because I know I'm not the only crazy person thinking about Christmas. I think everyone should get a head start on Christmas stuff because we all know how quickly it approaches, and it is only 2 months and 3 days away. I can't contain my excitement about this. Between Christmas and Pretty Little Liars I'm just one eager person.

I'm planning on throwing a holiday soiree this year, so I've started to look at different invitation options. I don't think I want to order them, so I'm really just looking around for inspiration. However, I came across Paperless Post's holiday invitation section and if it came down to it I would definitely get my invites from them because they have super adorable ones. The online ones are cute, but I'm old fashioned and I get excited when I receive things in the mail so I will be sending mine through snail mail.

I've chosen a few invitations to share with you that inspired me and, like I said, are possible options to order if I decide not to make my own. These invitations alone are reason enough to throw a holiday party!

I'll continue to post the different steps in planning my holiday soiree to keep you guys updated and give you some recipe, decoration, organization, etc. ideas. Happy planning!

Making Spirits Bright

Santa on Rooftop

Santa's Slippers - Camel

The Blizzard of 2013

Vintage Snowflakes - Crimson

Vintage Snowflakes - Silver


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