Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bye Bye Ballet Flats; Hello Smoking Slippers

A fall trend that is seriously catching on is smoking slippers and I love it (how many times do you read the September issue of magazines and they have the "Top 10 Hottest Fall Trends" and all you can think is "who is actually going to wear that?"). I've seen people all over NYC wearing them and they look so professional, yet comfortable. Now I'm sure not every pair is comfortable, but they're a shoe that offers that option if you search around, unlike pointy-toe stilettos. You can find these shoes all over now in every price range. DSW has a bunch and so does Nordstrom, so there you have it.

You can pair these shoes with jeans to be casual, a dress, cropped trousers, anything really. Okay, not anything but there's so much you can do with them. The fabrics and designs vary so widely that you can find a pair of smoking slippers to suit your every need. Some are made from calf hair while others are suede. There are tons of patterns to be found, so look around before you make a final purchase because there are so many options! Or you can just buy them all. That's always an option.

Shoes often are just an accessory that you wear because they go well with your outfit (sometimes they can even make the outfit), but these can make a statement about you and reveal a lot about your personality: you love old-school styles, you went to prep school, you're daring and aren't afraid to make a statement if you choose funkier ones, etc.

Many are wondering if these shoes will take the place of ballet flats. Personally, I think that ballet flats are timeless and they are never an item that you decide to store for a season because they don't seem "in." However, smoking slippers can be worn with many of the same outfits you'd pair with ballet flats so I do think that ballet flats will definitely be worn less. I picked some of my favs and put the links to them below; the prices vary drastically, so some of them are wishful thinking. A girl can dream!
I adore Olivia Palermo so she needed her own picture
Happy shopping! I hope you love this trend as much as I do. It's one that won't just be a fall/winter 2013 thing for me; smoking slippers will be a staple in my wardrobe from here on out.

Avalon by Sam Edelman

Heart Print Calf Hair by Burberry $495

Sabrina Tassel Suede-Trim Flannel Loafer by Cole Haan $198
Rolling Spikes Leather Smoking Slippers by Christian Louboutin $1295

Aster by Sam Edelman

Pennington Slip-On by Sperry Topsider $74.95


Keith L. Jennings said...

Awesome and wonderful slipper. How nice are your slipper! Everyone should prefer. You have a wonderful collection of fall slipper. I like black slipper. Yours are too much fashionable and beautiful, never seen before.

Here are just a few of the great items you can find in store.

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