Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on the 2013 Emmys

The Emmys this year far exceeded my expectations in terms of entertainment and fashion. Usually the Oscars are the big fashion event of the year, but I think the Emmys are definitely up to par now. Due to the younger generation's interest in dramas such as Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and so on you could definitely see the attempt to appeal to this age group (which I am part of and I really think they did a fantastic job). 

Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite people ever and I wish I could hang out with him. He's an incredible entertainer, actor, and host and I really think that every awards show should just be hosted by him because no one else can compare.
* Side note: I'm so upset that the last season of How I Met Your Mother just started because once the show ends, just like every other show that I watch and form an emotional attachment to the characters, I feel like a part of me has died and I lost a friend. This happens to me with book series, too. Struggles.

My favorite number by far was the choreographer's performance. I was hoping that Sonya or Travis would win, but whatevs. The execution of this was amaze.

Now on to my best dressed nominees. There were so many people that looked so fabulous, but some more so than others. The following are my current Emmys 2013 obsessions (photos c/o Glamour and NY Daily News)
Kerry Washington in Marchesa
I think Kerry Washington always looks flawless. This dress really fits her so well and it's not the cliche awards show dress that's tight, red, and mermaid-style, but it's still so elegant.
Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang
This dress was revealing, yet classy. The color works so well on Sofia and her shape looks amazing.
Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection
The blonde threw me for a loop and I love it! This dress color choice works so well with her skin color and new hair choice. Rose's hairstyle is on its way to "old Hollywood glam," but not as dramatic. I love the cut in the front, too. She might be my favorite of the evening.
Heidi Klum in Versace
I'm never a fan of sparkles, but Heidi Klum does it right. This color is beautiful and compliments her so well. The bubble ponytail was the perfect choice to show off the amazing top portion of this dress.
Jessica Pare in Oscar de la Renta
One of the most talked about celebs of the evening was definitely Jessica Pare and who could blame everyone? This color looks amazing on her, she has an incredible figure that's accentuated in this dress without it being skin tight, and the slight high-low look shows off her gorgeous shoes.


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