Monday, September 9, 2013

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone: It's an Addiction

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012 my school's gym lost power for quite a while and I was desperate to workout (I didn't run until recently and I still try to avoid it at all costs). I started to research the best exercise classes to take in Manhattan and was flooded with results. One that caught my eye was SLT so I decided to give it a shot. I am now obsessed with Megaformer classes. It's described as "pilates on crack" and that's just what I tell everyone when they ask what it is. You're on a machine that has two platforms - one on the front and one on the back - that are completely still and a carriage that moves in between. The level of resistance comes from the springs that are built into the machine. Megaformer takes traditional Pilates moves and makes them a million times more effective through using the machine throughout the whole class. After my first class I literally could only get off of my my couch by rolling myself onto the floor because I was so sore, but it was an amazing feeling. Even if you go to the same instructor they change the routines up as well as the music (which is always awesome) so you'll never get bored. Bethany Meyers is one of my personal favs - she's the cutest thing and her workouts are amazing. The 50 minutes classes fly by and I can never wait for the next one. If I could I would go multiple times a day.
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This past Sunday I decided to try out an SLT Yoga class, so I took SHRED. It's a faster paced yoga class that incorporates weights, balls, gliders, planks, lunges, etc. and you never stop moving; every move flows perfectly into the next. Erin Jacques, the Co-Founder and Director of SLT, is such a great person to take this class with because she's so encouraging and still kicks your butt while providing excellent music choices, as all SLT instructors do (I want to know their secrets as to where they find all of these songs!). I can't wait to make this class part of my regular workout routine now.
The SLT yoga studio in Midtown
SLT is opening more locations, but currently is located in SOHO, Midtown (where I take my classes), and the Hamptons. I just received an email today saying that the website is under construction and will be up and running soon, but it looks like they're opening a studio in NJ (super exciting so that I don't have to trek into Manhattan - all 15 miles - when I'm home on breaks)! I can't sing enough praises for this place.


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