Thursday, September 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: Green Table

I've been really trying to eat at farm-to-table restaurants in NYC because I think it's important to support local farmers as well as restaurants that take the time to grow their own food on rooftops. It always tastes so much better and the fact that it's fresh and you don't have to worry about pesticides makes it completely worth it. Genetically modified anything is just not good for you no matter what and I make it a point to completely avoid it at all costs. Who cares if I have to spend a little more for food that tastes better and won't have unknown effects on my body?
photo c/o TimeOut NY
I saw the Green Table while wandering through Chelsea Market and then when I was searching for farm-to-table restaurants it kept popping up so I figured I should try it out. Totally worth it. The atmosphere is so cozy and inviting. Our server was extremely friendly, bubbly, and informative. I went on a Friday and there was happy hour from 4 pm-7 pm, and I'm sure this is a daily or weekend thing. The wine and beer menu is comprised of "sustainable, organic, and biodynamic offerings," according to their site. The menu changes from season to season as well as day to day sometimes, so it's upsetting that you can't get too attached to a dish, but everything always looks heavenly so I guess it's not that upsetting.

The soup special of the evening was sunchoke almond. I saw that and immediately though "sundried tomato and artichokes?" Incorrect. A sunchoke is the root of a sunflower, so it's a root veggie. My boyfriend got it and loved it. I tried it, too, and it was delish. It had a nutty flavor in a creamy, (not creamy in a heavy cream soup sense, just not a chunky & full of veggie pieces soup) delicious, warm soup.

For main course I got the Bibimbap, which is a Korean brown rice bowl with summer vegetables (I can recall bell peppers, carrots and red onion), egg, nori, and a spicy sauce that comes on the side. When I first tried the sauce I thought it was crazy spicy, but I must have just gotten a bunch of red pepper flakes on my fork because after that it was definitely spicy, but not to the point where I was tearing and sweating. The dish was amazing. I'm embarrassed to say that it was so good I finished the entire thing, something that my waitress told me isn't super common. Needless to say I headed to SLT the next morning for a Megaformer class. It comes in a hot bowl so that when you mix it everything wilts and the egg cooks and it's just delicious goodness. I'm drooling right now while I upload the pictures.
This is before I mixed everything. 
After everything had been mixed.
My boyfriend enjoyed a glass of their summer sangria and had the tomato casserole as an entree. The portion size wasn't as large is mine, but he enjoyed every last bit. Plus he had the soup, so a large main dish would have been unnecessary and too much. The tomato casserole had Spanish chorizo, egg, red pepper, onions, and spinach and then a yummy piece of toasted bread.
This restaurant is a new favorite of mine and I will be frequenting it for sure. Every restaurant review I do is always so positive, but what can I say? I have fantastic taste when it comes to choosing restaurants!
Pretty flowers that were on every table.


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