Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guide to the Perfect National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day! I am a huge coffee fan, so I must dedicate a post to coffee today. I've seen some fun links over the past year or so about coffee so I'll share them with you as part of my personal celebration.

Coffee and Espresso Drinks Explained No matter who you talk to, coffee enthusiast or barista, you will get a different explanation of the difference between a cappuccino and a latte and contrasting definitions of "what exactly is a macchiato?" This link has pictures of 10 coffee drinks and has the directions and proportions for making the perfect version of each.

I found this picture on The Glitter Guide and I just love it. I love illustrations about coffee drinks because they're informative, but it's also something that you could hang up in your kitchen if you wanted to. I have a billion saved all over my computer.

This picture is right off of the Top With Cinnamon site
Top With Cinnamon posted a recipe to make your own pumpkin spiced drip coffee. I love love love pumpkin (hence the bold), but I don't add any sugar to my food or drinks so I don't do pumpkin coffee that's flavored with syrups. This recipe uses pumpkin pie spice mix and coffee beans so how could you go wrong? She even tells you how to create your own pumpkin pie spice mix in case you don't have any McCormick's on hand yet (it is a bit early in the season, so I can't blame you if you haven't made your purchase yet.)

If you don't care about sugar (like most normal people, I'm just the crazy healthy psycho) A Beautiful Mess (one of my favorite blogs) posted a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup. How perfect would it be if you didn't have to spend 5 dollars on your Starbucks PSL and could just make your own every day. It's super easy, too. I hate when I find recipes that look amazing and you need all of these crazy ingredients that you have to travel to insane specialty stores in the nearest huge city to get or you need these cooking tools that no one has ever heard of and you have to scour Amazon to find.

This picture is right off of the Design Sponge post.
Design Sponge did an amazing post about hosting a Coffee Cupping Brunch. Coffee cupping, as explained on Design Sponge, is like the coffee version of a wine tasting, and apparently it's becoming super popular in indie coffee shops. This site will give you a beginners guide to coffee cupping.

Enjoy the rest of National Coffee Day! They should make a National Coffee Week.


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