Saturday, September 14, 2013

All Good Things Are Wild and Free

Have you ever been so happy that nothing can really bring you down? That's how I've been for a couple of months now and it's fantastic. I feel like I have so much going for me and that there's just nothing negative going on around me.

My relationships with my family and friends are definitely a huge factor in my positive attitude. I guess now that I'm in my twenties (that still sounds weird.. I'm not 17?) I've just become so much wiser about what actually matters! There may have been a little sarcasm in that last sentence, but I really do feel that as you mature, things just kind of come to you and it all just makes sense. You don't understand it until it just happens.

Leslie Knope is one of those women who just obviously gets it. This link is too perfect and I definitely thought of my two best friends, Meghan and Michaela, (both fabulous and gorgeous ladies) when I saw it. These "14 Girl Code Rules" are necessities to maintaining friendships.


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