Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Going on 12

I finally purchased my first backpack! Okay, I had a backpack sometime around 2nd grade when it was cool to have the ones on wheels. Ever since I can remember I always carried something along the lines of a messenger bag. Constantly having shoulder pain due to the fact that I can only carry bags on my right shoulder (I would carry a purse and four totes on my right shoulder before I carry anything on my left side) I decided it was time to invest in a backpack for my own personal well-being.

It's no easy task finding a cute backpack without thinking it may clash with a certain outfit or the size isn't ideal because camping knapsacks are not exactly stylish, but the cuter, smaller styles won't necessarily hold a binder or two and a folder. Finally I decided to give up my search and just see what happens. About 2 days later I was in Barnes and Noble on Fifth Ave and I saw a backpack that I knew I needed (story of my life- search incessantly for something and can't find it then give up and find it right away).

Barnes and Noble had a whole set of school supplies from pencil cases to sketch pads that were "designed for students by students." This bag was designed by an F.I.T. student and is such a perfect backpack. I'm super excited about my find and can't help but share in case any other poor soul is having a similar issue to my backpack crisis. xoxo

Me with my new bag and gorgeous Audrey in the back
Casual pic in Manhattan College internet cafe.
It looks better on the chair than most bags ;)


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