Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brown Butter Gingersnap Choc Chunk Cookie Bars Recipe

What better excuse is there to bake than being snowed in? Yesterday we got probably around 5 inches of snow, so I decided to test out a new recipe I saw on Picky Palate and it was amazing. It's the perfect holiday recipe and I followed it exactly with no issues. Usually I have to make adjustments after trying something for the first time, but not with this! The only thing I changed is the amount of time they had to cook because mine were still jiggling in the center after the 30-33 minutes it said to bake them. Here are pictures of mine and the recipe! 

I urge you to bring these to holiday parties because they're a huge hit! Who wouldn't love a gingersnap & choc chip cookie all in one, but in brownie form? The only non-gingersnappy thing about them is that they don't have that spicy aspect, but they're still so good. I brought them to my boyfriend's family party and they devoured them. (They also had a contest of who could remember the name).

Brown Butter Gingersnap Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars

2 sticks unsalted butter (can be straight out of the fridge since you're melting it)
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup molasses (I used Grandma's original unsulphured)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp ground ginger
1 bag of Brach's milk chocolate stars (from Target) or chocolate chips (semisweet would be fine, too)

Preheat the over to 350 degrees. Line a 9x13 inch baking dish with parchment paper. 

Brown the butter in a medium saucepan- put butter in pan over medium heat (on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest heat I had it on 6.5) and stir occasionally until brown and bubbly. Remove it from the heat and let sit for 15 minutes.

Place the browned butter, brown sugar, and granulated sugar in a stand mixer or a mixing bowl and beat until combined. 

Add in the eggs, molasses, and vanilla and mix until completely combined.

Stir in the flour, baking soda, salt, ground ginger, and chocolate stars/chocolate chips until combined.

Transfer to your prepared baking dish spreading evenly and bake for 40 minutes.

Let cool completely for 30-60 minutes before cutting into squares.

I made mine in a 9x13 brownie pan, not a glass baking dish so that could have affected the baking time for me. To be safe, check your bars after a half hour to see what they look like.
I cut mine into 15 bars and they were still pretty big. Since they're dense it's not a bad thing if you cut them into smaller size squares. Then more people can try them, too!
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Restaurant Review: Land Thai

Sorry I've been so horrible with posting lately! Working retail during the holiday season in Rockefeller Center is madness in itself, and then add being a full-time student to that and I've basically been running around and prepping for finals nonstop! This post is totally worth the wait though..

For all of my NYC readers: if you haven't gone to Land Thai on Amesterdam, you must. I'm a Thai food lover and I've had it at so many different places, but Land is absolutely the best Thai food I've ever had. I was in a group of 6 and every single person was extremely impressed with all of the appetizers and their meals.

Photo c/o

The place is super tiny, but I love that it's so cozy and comfy. They do deliver and you can also order take-out, so keep that in mind! The service was fine, nothing spectacular but it wasn't bad by any means. Now let's get to the food!

I saw a waiter walk by with something that looked like beets (not commonly an ingredient at Thai restaurants), so when I got my menu I was so excited that the Land Salad did indeed have beets! So I ordered it and it was extremely delicious. It was just Romaine lettuce with roasted beets and tofu croutons in a lime peanut dressing, but boy was the dressing good. It had a hint of coconut, too.

The beef satay wasn't one of the most raved about appetizers, but everyone did enjoy it. It was your traditional app with a yummy dipping sauce.

The chicken wraps were a hit! The chicken was apparently amazing (I didn't have any) and they give you lettuce to make your own wraps! I recommend ordering this appetizer.
These vegetable dumplings were definitely the highlight of my evening. I've never had such an amazing dumpling ever. Inside they have shitake mushroom, sweet corn, tofu, spinach, peanut, and garlic chips all chopped up tiny and they give you soy sauce to dip. I could have had this as an entree and my life would be complete.

The last appetizer we got was the crispy calamari. The chili peanut sauce was amazing. I highly recommend this dish, too.

I forgot to take a picture before I dug in so I'm missing a couple of bites, but not much. The portion size of this was perfect (especially after all of the appetizers). I got the wok chili pepper, but with tofu. A lot of times I have a problem with tofu in asian dishes because it's fried so much that the outside is chewy and weird and there's essentially nothing on the inside. It's weird, but this tofu was cooked perfectly. The menu says that this is a mildly spicy dish, but it's not even remotely spicy. Regardless, it was delish.

I didn't take pictures of everyone's meals, but my mom loves pad thai (it's what she always orders) and she couldn't believe how amazing it was at Land. So there you have it, a pad thai connoisseur gives it the stamp of approval! The pad thai dish is big, too.

One person I was with got the crab meat fried rice and one that got the salmon fried rice. They both really liked it and it's a big portion. If you finish the whole thing you will be quite full. The person I was with that got the crab meat one was a guy and he finished the whole thing, but the person who got the salmon one was a girl and she had to take almost half of it home. 

My dad got the green curry with chicken and loved it. He's a big fan of curry and he said it wasn't too spicy despite the fact that it was given the three star rating which means it's the spiciest dish they offer. He loves spicy, so he would have loved it even more if it was so hot you're sweating while you eat it, but despite that he still really enjoyed the meal. 

My brother got a duck special and literally inhaled it. I don't even think I picked up my fork and I looked up and he was finished. 

Anyone who likes Thai food absolutely needs to go to Land. It's not a "hidden gem" of NYC, so it does get crowded, but it's totally worth it!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Chic Winter Wear

I bought a new sweater yesterday that is so perfect for the wintery weather we're having in NYC, so I obviously had to wear it today! It's the sonsonate cardigan from Anthropologie and it's super warm. When I saw it I automatically thought "if I go on a ski trip this weekend, this is perfect for not skiing and sitting by the fire reading." I don't ski or snowboard, nor do I have any desire to, but the lodge is a great place to look adorable!

Stay warm and layer up if you're in NYC! The winter weather has arrived.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Exciting Engagements

Two of my favorite people have gotten engaged recently and I'm super excited for them and to see what their weddings look like!

Lauren Conrad and William Tell, boyfriend of about a year and a half, got engaged in the beginning of October. I have a lot of respect for Lauren Conrad and what she made of herself; she's such an inspiration to young women and is such a great role model. I have a lot of respect for her relationship, too, because the couple is so private about things and isn't showy. A lot of people that don't religiously read Lauren's blog (I'm guilty of being an avid follower) don't even know about her boyfriend.
It seems that details about the wedding are going to be kept on the DL. I would guess that she'll probably do some posts on her blog about different decorating ideas and planning tips, but nothing too personal because then that takes away from the special day. I'm all for celebrities keeping things low-key and avoiding the media as much as possible, especially when it comes to huge milestones, such as weddings and new babies.
I love the simplicity of this beautiful ring. It's timeless.
These two are such an adorable couple.

Nothing has been confirmed, but all are pretty confident that Leighton Meester is engaged to boyfriend of almost a year, Adam Brody. The two haven't been in the public eye very much, but sources that have been quotes as "close friends" say that Leighton is head over heels for Adam and that she did have plans to marry him. Now who knows how true all of this is, but I hope they really are engaged! They're so cute together. Leighton will always be Blair Waldorf to me, and to celebrate her engagement I've decided that it's absolutely necessary to spend this Sunday, which is predicted to be freezing in NYC (maybe even some flurries!), watching Gossip Girl (as if you need an excuse to ever watch Gossip Girl reruns..)

A big congrats to the (hopefully) two new engaged couples! Weddings make me so happy and I can't wait to see the pictures from both of these.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guide to Traveling Fashionably This Holiday Season

This time of the year is known for being the busiest for traveling. The day before Thanksgiving, as studies have shown, is actually not the biggest travel day like most think. The traffic on Thanksgiving is far worse (which makes sense if you think about it). However, at the airport both the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day are crazy. I'm lucky enough to not have to fly anywhere for the holidays (most college students don't have that luxury and so many don't even get to go home for the holiday, which is awful), but I fly enough to know that there are certain dos and don'ts, necessities and things to leave at home.

Fashion Dos
Leggings/Comfy Jeans/Undercover Sweatpants
Leggings are always a great idea. Real leggings though, not the thin little see-through things that shouldn't be worn without a long enough (a concept so many don't understand) shirt. Jeans aren't a bad option if they're comfortable. I happen to love my. They're so soft and fit so well, but denim that fits well is so specific to the person, so it's whatever works for you! There is such a thing as undercover sweatpants, too. They're sweatpants that look like real pants and are a great option for travel.
Reed Polka-Dot Cotton Blend Sweatpants, Skinny Pants in BlackKate Low-rise Skinny Jeans, Jacquard Sweater Pants, Fleece Lined Leggings, Super Skinny Legging, Silky Soft Pant

Soft Tee and Sweater/Cardigan
A simple, soft cotton tee or silk top with a comfy sweater or a cardigan is the way to go. Cardigans with leggings and jeans make you look so put together, but are so comfortable that you can sleep in them.
Acne "Wham" Sweater DressAster Printed Silk Top, Ultra Soft Cowl Neck Sweater, Equinox Cardigan, Cashmere Turtleneck, Darcian Cardigan, Sparkle and Fade Chevron Shine Tunic Sweater

Flats/Boots and Socks
Flats or boots are great because you can just slip them off when going through security. However, don't forget socks! No one wants to walk through airport security barefoot. Plus, if you bring socks you can go shoeless on the plane and your feet won't get cold! I love bringing an extra pair of fuzzy socks with me, even if I'm already wearing a pair of normal socks.
AE Fair Isle Socks, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Suede Rumple Boot, Caroline Ballet Flats, Ruffled Camp Socks, Snowflake Plaid Cashmere Socks, Sergeant Boot

A big scarf is always a good idea. It can have multiple functions: an actual scarf, a pillow, a blanket or extra warmth. You can never go wrong with one, plus it's one less thing that you'll have to worry about packing if you just wear it!
Media Mix Scarf, Fairisle Snood, Tassled Boteh Scarf, Blanket Stripe Oversize Scarf, Pony Hair Print Infinity Scarf, New York Map Scarf

Big Bag
A weekender, big tote, or a big shoulder bag are great to put all of your travel necessities in. You'll want one that zips though! When you throw it under your seat and then start kicking it because you forgot it was there you don't want all of your stuff falling out and rolling all over the plane.
Drake ToteDiedre Leather Tote, Lonchamp Le Pliage, Capri Weekender, Jaida Satchel

Fashion Don'ts
Keep the jewelry to a minimum because you're going to have to take it all off to get through security and then everyone behind you hates you, the TSA people hate you, and you'll just be annoyed with yourself.

Tight Clothing
Tight clothing is never fun to sit in for hours. When things start digging into your skin and leaving marks there's not much room on a plane to get up and move around, so just keep tight clothing to a minimum.

Sweatpants/Pajama Pants
This is personal preference I guess, but in all honesty wearing sweatpants just makes you feel like you look sloppy. Because you do. When you look put together you'll feel better about yourself. It's known that it's a psychological thing: the way you look can help improve your confidence level. Sweatpants and pj pants do not improve confidence levels. I promise.

What to Put in the Bag
Oil Blotting Paper
Sometimes traveling and sleeping can make your skin oily, or even just feel oily. Having oil blotting paper, like Shiseido's Pureness Oil- Control Blotting Paper, is great just in case you need it. I don't have oily skin and I carry them around. Also, if you're in a bind, Starbucks napkins can help absorb oil because of whatever recycled stuff they're made from.

Facial Mist
A spritz of this when you get off the plane can help make you feel refreshed. However, make sure it's in a clear plastic bag and meets the ounce requirements or you'll end up with a big waste of expensive water. Evian makes a good one that's TSA approved!

No one wants to get sick, especially around the holidays. This is the time when the flu and colds are going around, too, so just to be safe Emergen-C and Airborne are great little travel must-haves. Take these before flying and you'll be good to go. More natural ways of getting vitamin C are great, but these little boosts are well worth it during the holidays.

I always have bandaids on me. I get paper cuts constantly, my shoes end up not being as comfortable as I think they are and give me blisters, my skin cracks from the cold air, etc. You can never go wrong with carrying a few different sizes (and maybe even pretty ones like these reindeer and polka dot ones or pink stripes and floral ones!).

You can usually catch some cool shots out your window, plus it's always good to have a camera handy because you never know what you'll see (or who. Johnny Depp at the airport? It could happen!). I love my Nikon Coolpix aw110. It's waterproof, shockproof (yup, I can drop it!), and lightweight.

Lip Balm
Everyone hates the feeling of chapped lips, so carrying some sort of lip balm with you is always a good idea. Rosebud Salve is usually the popular choice and I love it, too. It's great for dry cuticles, too!

Hair Ties
If your hair isn't already up, hair ties are a great thing to have handy. Who knows what your hair might look like after sleeping in a tiny airplane seat. Better to be safe than sorry. Seamless hair ties are less likely to leave a crease in your hair and they come in so many different colors/prints and so many stores sell them now! You can probably even pick them up in the airport if you're at a big one.

Eye Mask
I love my eye mask. If it's light out I'm one of those people who can't sleep, so I wear one to bed to block any light. They're great for travel, too. They fit right in your bag and take up virtually no space, and when you're ready to catch some shut eye you just slip it on. Some airlines even give you one if you're on a long enough flight.

Roll-On Perfume/Solid Perfume
These little perfumes from Tocca smell amazing (yes, each and every one of them) and they're tiny enough, making them perfect for on the go! Just slip one in your clear plastic baggy and then spritz it on before getting off the plane and you'll feel refreshed! Solid perfume, like the ones from Pacifica, are great for traveling, too, so you don't have to worry about liquid requirements.

I usually buy tons of magazines and bring a book with me and overestimate my power to get through it all. It's better to have enough to entertain yourself with instead of not enough though!

You're all set to jet set now! Enjoy the traveling as much as possible. The fact that it's the holidays makes it that much better because it's the best time of the year!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Falling for Kate Spade's Holiday 2013 New Arrivals

I saw the Kate Spade holiday 2013 video this weekend and I'm in love with it! It's so fabulous, chic, classy, and New York City holiday-esque. It just makes me want to live on the Upper East Side in a brownstone and throw a chic, classy holiday party even more than I already did before I saw it (hard to believe I could want this more than I already did, thank you very much Kate Spade).

Don't you just feel so much classier after watching this? It's perfect. Any who, the model is gorgeous and there is so much inspiration for holiday outfits! Here are some of my favs (don't judge me if I end up posting them all...).

They have such adorable stuff on their gift guide. I'm obsessing. 
How could you go wrong with a clutch that says "Pop, Fizz, Clink!"? The All That Glitters Emanuel is just what I would love to accessorize with this holiday season.
I love bows so this Finishing Touch Pave Bangle is perfect. It's classy and simple, but will still make a statement and will definitely get noticed.
The Clink Clink Short Necklace is one of the best statement pieces I've seen in a while. Pair this with a basic dress and it'll look amazing.
These Copely heels are fabulous with Swarovski crystal embellishments. I would throw a party just to have somewhere to wear these gorgeous things. 
The Grand Bow Heels (again, love bows) are simple, but standout. These can go with so many different dresses and compliment them all so well.
A good pair of leather gloves are necessary in New York City in the winter. It can get so cold out and you need to protect your hands from the harmful, dry, cold air. These Pyramid Bow Leather Gloves will be great for heading into the office, heading to your internship, or going to a holiday party! They go with so many different styles of jackets, too.

Simple, gorgeous rose gold Marmalade Studs studs are the perfect complement to something like the gorgeous statement necklace above. They're noticeable and are a perfect finishing touch!

Check out Kate Spade for all of the new arrivals! I bet you'll be just as in love as I am. 'Tis the season to celebrate!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fresh Fall Recipes to Fight Holiday Weight Gain

Everyone worries about gaining weight during the holidays; as much as everyone dreads it, most people just can't help themselves when the food is in front of them . There are so many articles out there that are all about not gaining that holiday weight and include tips and tricks on how to avoid this phenomenon. I'm going to break it to you: there's no secret. Sorry guys. Just keep eating healthy and exercising regularly and you won't change! If you shove ten times the amount of food down your throat than normal on a bi-weekly basis for the next 6 weeks then you're going to gain weight.

To help avoid the temptations of all of the unhealthy, fattening food choices at holiday parties it's a good idea to offer to bring a dish of your own so you can assure that something will be healthy and you can control what goes into it. FYI: cocktail parties are the worst for weight gain because you just pick and pick on small little appetizers that seem like nothing, but are actually upwards of usually 100 calories each. And the alcohol adds way more calories than you even want to think about.

Here are some Thanksgiving and fall-inspired dishes that are healthier and are great to bring with you to parties or just to make at home for din!

This quinoa stuffing with cranberries and sweet potatoes looks so amazing. I love all of these things, so I would think that, but it's just such a fresh looking dish that's super healthy. This would be great as a side for Thanksgiving! Head over to With Style and Grace for the recipe.

This sweet potato and pomegranate salad from Two Peas and Their Pod showed up in my inbox yesterday and I had to bookmark it. Usually pomegranate seeds aren't incorporated into many recipes, but they're so good for you! The pumpkin seeds have so many added nutritious benefits, too!

I love FoodieCrush magazine & read it all the time on my iPad. This autumn couscous recipe is from the blog and it's a healthy, filling side that everyone will enjoy because the ingredients are so normal, yet they make the perfect flavor combo.

While looking for a shepherd's pie recipe I had two requirements: vegan and sweet potatoes. Lentils were an added bonus! The reason for the sweet potato necessity is because they're so sweet and delicious, and have more nutritious value than a regular potato (plus they taste better anyway). The vegan aspect was because shepherd's pies are loaded with yummy veggies, but the amount of butter and milk that can be added into them ruins it. This lentil and sweet potato shepherd's pie from One Ingredient Chef looks heavenly. Someone in the comments said they made it and it was delicious and they added a little balsamic onto their serving and loved it! Great main dish for this holiday season!

Girl Makes Food posted a healthy green bean casserole. Usually green bean casseroles are one of the worst dishes health-wise on the table because of the canned mushroom soup (just the canned aspect of that should make a red flag go up), added milk/cream, butter, fried onions on top, etc. This recipe uses Greek yogurt (added protein!), olive oil, shallots, real mushrooms, parsley, salt, pepper, and green beans. It won't taste like your traditional casserole, but you'll feel better about eating it.

CrockPot recipes are the best because you can just forget about them. Plus it's easy to travel with (however, it's a little larger than bringing a casserole dish) and it makes the host's life easier because he or she doesn't have to find room in the already jam packed oven to heat up your dish. This creamy pumpkin risotto from Balanced Platter is vegan, therefore no dairy! Usually things deemed creamy are loaded with milk/cream/butter/cheese. This dish doesn't have any of that!

New South Food Co. posted a recipe for roasted fall veggies with walnut pesto. The walnut pesto isn't your traditional pesto, so if you really want the normal flavor I would just make your own and substitute that in instead! Sometimes simple roasted veggies are the best tasting thing on the table. Especially with all of the yummy vegetables that are in season now (cough cough sweet potatoes).

Vegetarian Times posted these roasted veggie cornucopias and I promise you that if you make these for Thanksgiving, or any fall themed party, people will rant and rave about how cute they are. Last year my aunt made a huge cornucopia appetizer stuffed with raw veggies and no one could get over how amazing it was that she made that! Here's a picture of it below. It's also a good option to bring as an appetizer so you don't pick on salted nuts, chips, dip, and cheese. Fill up on vegetables to avoid overeating at dinner!

All of these are meatless because I'm a veg, but there are plenty of meat options out there, too! You could add lamb to your shepherd's pie, but it is a little unhealthier. Regardless, if that's what you like then you should definitely have it! If you wanted you could definitely add some sausage to the quinoa stuffing, too. There are a bunch of recipes out there with meat in them, so just search around. You won't regret your effort to making this holiday season a little healthier. Added bonus: It's cheaper to make veggie-based dishes than meat ones. It's a fact that sweet potatoes and lentils cost less than a rack of lamb.
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Tables

With only two weeks left until Thanksgiving it's the perfect time to start thinking about what you'll want your table to look like. Do you want to do place cards? How about adding extra oomph with different napkin and place settings? Even if you don't have a huge amount of people coming, customized name cards is a nice touch to the table, and you can make such cute ones that people will even want to keep them! Here are some cute ideas that I've seen to inspire you to create place cards or set the table a little differently. Doing both is even better!

These gold DIY place cards from The Inspired Room are super easy to make and they go with so many different color schemes and table themes (I hate that that just rhymed).

Cupcakes and Cashmere's take on pinecone place cards are even easier than the gold DIY ones above and look just as adorable! You could do this for Christmas as well.

Instead of the traditional place setting you could make this burlap painted ticking stripe utensil holder from Uncommon Designs to jazz up the look of plain plates.

I love Martha Stewart's site; it has some of the best recipes, crafts, etc. These walnut place cards are so simple, inexpensive, and different. People will love it. 

Another super easy (this one is definitely the least work) and edible place card is from Martha Stewart. It adds color to your table and guests will feel healthier just looking at it!

Turkey trivia place cards will keep guests entertained and out of your hair while you're trying to get everything cooked and on the table. Martha gives you the trivia to put on it, so you don't even have to make an effort to think of anything! 

This oak leaf cornucopia on Martha Stewart is so elegant. Any colors can be used to match your color scheme, but gold is pretty universal for Thanksgiving.

Who knew you could buy acorns? These acorn napkin ties from Martha Stewart are made with store-bought acorns, ribbon, and hot glue. Easy enough!

This sophisticated place setting from Better Homes and Gardens isn't too much work and the menu is a great touch!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dreaming About Holiday Scents

My pumpkin cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works is getting down to the bottom (sniffle sniffle), which means it's time to pick a new candle! I figured since Christmas is right around the corner I would pick a bunch of my favorite scents and then narrow it down from there. My go-to places for candles are Anthropologie, Bath & Body Works, and Yankee Candle. There's nothing better than the warm feeling you get from certain scents and the Christmas season joy that others bring. I love burning candles while I'm just sitting around reading, taking a relaxing bath, watching TV, vacuuming, painting my nails (I guess you get it.. I always have a candle lit). Some scents can make you nostalgic and some can just simply make you happy the first time you smell them. Like my nail polish problem, I also have a problem with buying candles. Here are some of my favorites for the holidays this year!

Boulangerie Jar - Gingersnap from Anthropologie $16.00
Gingersnap is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, molasses, lemon zest, orange ring, and nutmeg. This candle has a sweeter smell, but it's not too sweet for those of you who can't stomach sweet candles (scents like frosted cupcake make me nauseous, so I understand).

Boulangerie Jar - Peppermint Stick from Anthropologie $16.00
Peppermint stick is a blend of pink peppercorn, gardenia, tonka bean, and cinnamon. I was expecting to smell this one and be overcome with peppermint, but it's actually a very subtle scent. 

Tin Type Candles - Roasted Chestnuts from Anthropologie $16.00
This roasted chestnuts candle is possibly one of the most amazing candles I've ever smelled. I think this is my first choice this season (but I'm not positive yet). It's a blend of gourmand sweetness, warm spice, cashmere undertones and autumns leaves; "reminiscent of woolen scarves and the seasons first chill." I think that just sold me on it.

Tin Type Candles - Hot Buttered Rum
If you're a sweet-scent person then this is for you. I think if you light it you'll just want to sit and eat a tub of vanilla icing. It's a warming blend of whipped eggnog, churned butter, caramel glaze, steamed milk, and vanilla bean.

Good Nature Tin - Cranberry Spice from Anthropologie $16.00
This is runner up for my favorite candle. It might be my first choice. Hmmm.. Any who, it's a blend of red currant, cranberry, Asian pear, cinnamon bark, clove bud, and sweet vanilla. I love the way this smells. 

Yankee Candle Large Jar - Balsam & Cedar $27.99
This is the go-to candle if you want your house to smell like a Christmas tree. A classic from Yankee Candles.

Yankee Candle Large Jar - Red Apple Wreath $27.99
Yet another classic from Yankee Candle, red apple wreath has the sweet scent of apples, maple, walnuts, and cinnamon. I'm such a sucker for apple & cinnamon scented things. I love them when they're sweeter smelling, like apples, and I also love when they have more of the spicy cinnamon scent.

I haven't made it to Bath & Body Works to smell their candles yet, but I plan on stopping in soon! I keep getting emails about sales, but I can't just order candles without smelling them. 

'Tis the holiday season. 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and only 6 weeks until Christmas (yeah, start panicking) so start stocking up and burning your holiday candles now! They're great hostess gifts, too, even though everyone always has a million candles. In my eyes you can never have too many candles though.

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